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  • Dexter Myers Cookies

    Keisha Fullerton

    Posted on April 25 2016

    Satisfy your sweet tooth.....with flavors such as Chocolate Caramel, The Georgia Peach and the newest delightful flavor, Strawberry Lemonade, your taste buds are truly in for a decadent treat!  The true experience in partaking in these delights comes with each bite. First you taste the white chocolate chip, followed by a hint of lemon and for the 'piece de resistance' the strawberry comes vividly thru. It's like a culinary party for your senses.


  • Raiment

    Keisha Fullerton

    Posted on December 28 2015

    Although you would never know winter is arriving soon with this beautiful weather we have been having, it is definitely on it's way. Bundle up with this beautiful faux leather fringe and houndstooth scarf by Raiment. 

  • Suakoko Betty

    Keisha Fullerton

    Posted on December 16 2015

    Holiday must have.... Suakoko Betty's reversible clutch! For under $50, this twofer is a great gift for the Holidays!

  • Lil' Miss Leather

    Keisha Fullerton

    Posted on November 25 2015

  • The Beehive

    Keisha Fullerton

    Posted on June 22 2015