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We want to empower people like YOU who want to connect with themselves and others in their lives on a deeper level. Nothing moves us more than knowing we've helped touch someone's life. But we didn't stop at our customers. We wanted to empower our friends too, so we created a business model that employs local stay-at-home moms who handcraft all our jewelry from their own homes, on their own time frame, and most importantly earn a thriving wage.


Like you, we want to make the world the best place it can be. As a mother-owned and operated business, we feel a responsibility to do the right thing. We pride ourselves on the best customer service. We work with local vendors whenever possible from printers to gemstone suppliers. We value our environment and print on paper that is FSC certified, use only eco-friendly packaging. Each year we share a percentage of our proceeds with nonprofit organizations who empower through service and kindness. 

Abundance Necklace - Carnelian SoulKu $27.00 $27.00
Amazing Mom - Ethiopian Opal 14K Gold-Filled Hoop Earrings SoulKu $38.00 $38.00
Be the Light Alchemy Necklace - Aqua Chalcedony SoulKu $44.00 $44.00
Beautiful Mom Luxe Necklace - Milky Aquamarine SoulKu $39.00 $39.00
Blessings Luxe Necklace - Abalone SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Breathe Soul Shine Necklace - Powder Blue Crystal SoulKu $25.00 $25.00
Change Soul-Full of Light Necklace - Botswana Agate SoulKu $27.00 $27.00
Confidence Luxe Necklace - Blue Lace Agate SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Dream Soul Shine Necklace - Peacock Blue Cyrstal SoulKu $25.00 $25.00
Empowering Warrior Necklace - Prehnite SoulKu $38.00 $38.00
Empowerment Necklace - Tigers Eye SoulKu $27.00 $27.00
Fierce Necklace - Rosy Pink Quartz SoulKu $25.00 $25.00
Friendship Seed Necklace - Turquoise SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Goddess Pearl Necklace SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Grandmother Luxe Necklace - Silverite SoulKu $39.00 $39.00
Happiness Gold-Filled Hoop Earrings - Rainbow Tourmaline SoulKu $30.00 $30.00
Harmony Dream Catcher Necklace - Quartz SoulKu $29.00 $29.00
Heal Sacred Geometry Necklace - Amethyst SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Healing Refined Necklace - Amethyst SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Here's to Strong Women Necklace - Moonstone SoulKu $38.00 $38.00
I Love You Luxe Necklace - Prasiolite SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Love Dream Necklace - Rose Quartz SoulKu $29.00 $29.00
Love Necklace - Rose Quartz SoulKu $27.00 $27.00
Manifest Refined Necklace - Citrine SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Motherhood Necklace - Opaline Crystal SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Positivity Luxe Necklace - Rainbow Fluorite SoulKu $39.00 $39.00
Powerful Men Bracelet - Tiger Eye SoulKu $28.00 $28.00
Protect Sacred Geometry Necklace - Prehnite SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Queen Luxe Necklace - Lapis Lazuli SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Radiant Celestial Necklace - Peridot SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Radiant Gold-Filled Hoop Earrings - Peridot SoulKu Sold Out Sold Out
Release Refined Necklace - Smoky Quartz SoulKu $40.00 $40.00
Self Healing Necklace - Black Sunstone SoulKu $39.00 $39.00
She Believed Necklace - Black Spinel SoulKu $38.00 $38.00
Shine Soul-Full of Light Necklace - Peacock Pearl SoulKu $27.00 $27.00
Sisterhood Alchemy Necklace - Moonstone SoulKu $44.00 $44.00
Sisterhood Gold-Filled Hoop Earrings - Moonstone SoulKu $30.00 $30.00
Sisterhood Luxe Necklace - Moonstone SoulKu $39.00 $39.00
SoulKu - Amethyst Birthstone Necklace for February - BRTH02 SoulKu $36.00 $36.00
SoulKu - Aquamarine Birthstone Necklace for March - BRTH03 SoulKu $36.00 $36.00
SoulKu - Chrysocolla Luxe Necklace for Hope - OLOVE28 SoulKu $37.00 $37.00
SoulKu - Citrine Birthstone Necklace for November - BRTH11 SoulKu $36.00 $36.00
SoulKu - Emerald Birthstone Necklace for May - BRTH05 SoulKu $36.00 $36.00