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  • A. Battiste

    Keisha Fullerton

    Posted on September 21 2015

    One of my favorite things to do when wearing accessories is to layer them. Designer A. Battiste has many versatile and uniquely shaped pieces that can be worn as singles or layered. Both featured pieces this week are under $55 and can be worn with many desired looks.


  • Amy Pieroni

    Keisha Fullerton

    Posted on September 07 2015

    Designer Amy Pieroni has done it again with these beautifully crafted caged birds. Both necklace and earrings are made from recycled, antique silver plated trays. They come in an assortment of colors. For under $50 each, let your inner bird sing. 

  • Lil' Miss Leather

    Keisha Fullerton

    Posted on July 27 2015

    Featuring this week, new Beehiver,  Lil' Miss Leather. The leather and stone combination makes this one of a kind piece fun, edgy and beautiful. Absolutely love!

  • Boho Gal

    Keisha Fullerton

    Posted on June 05 2015

    I absolutely love, love stacked arm candy! Boho Gal Jewelry is serving it up this season with this winners! These beautiful pieces can be added you your own personal collection or can be worn separately to create your desired look. For $24 each, you can buy an armful! 

  • Amy Pieroni Designs

    Keisha Fullerton

    Posted on January 12 2015

    I recently read, that your accessories speak volumes about who you are. A statement piece definitely shouts bold, risk taker. I love a great piece that can carry any outfit. This beautifully crafted piece by Amy Pieroni Designs is one of my top picks for this month.