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Today we are so happy to announce a new series of tutorials... straight from the 
many talented artists and crafts-people we have right here at the beehive!

Up first is this chic clutch, presented for your enjoyment by our very own Anna Hinson of GirlyGirl Productions!



sewing machine

thick fabric placemat (select something with great texture and interesting edges)

large ½” sew-on snap or magnetic sew-on snap

thread to match placemat


small Ruler

large Ruler

fabric Marking Pen

Step 1: Sew Flap Snap

Find center of short end of placemat. Measure one inch from edge and mark. Center the “female” side of the snap on
that mark. Hand sew in place.

Step 2: Sew other snap piece 

Attach male side of snap onto female side.

Place long edge of placement next to your long ruler. Fold right edge of placemat to the 6 inch mark.

Fold over left side of mat over as well. Lift up side with snap slightly and mark fabric below where the snap actually lays.

Sew male side of snap in place over the mark you made.  Be careful only to sew your snap to one layer of the placemat (do not accidentally sew through all layers while it is folded over).

Step 3: Sew Sides

On your machine, sew 1/8” seam on both sides of the pocket of your clutch. Make sure to back stitch (stitch a little in reverse so that the stitching does not come undone) at the beginning and end of each of your side seams.

You are done!! Now fill your clutch with your phone , keys, and lipstick and go be stylish!!