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BBQ sauce has always been part of the family. I was first introduced to it as a young man in the 1950’s at my family reunions in Vienna, GA. My daddy would buy a ham and have it barbecued by a local barbecue guru, Toby. Toby made his own barbecue sauce and as soon as I tasted it, I was hooked.

In 1984 I became part of a BBQ cooking team, the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department. To compete in the 1985 Big Pig Jig I needed a barbecue sauce to serve to the judges. It did not take long to realize what kind of sauce I wanted to make. I didn’t have Toby’s recipe but I stayed true to his sauce and my Georgia roots and created my own vinegar barbecue sauce and Causey’s Original sauce was born. I served as chief cook of the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department from 1984 – 1995. The cooking team was made up of volunteer firemen and their wives and we traveled all over the south competing in barbecue competitions. I modified the original sauce to satisfy the palates of various barbecue regions. Passion for true vinegar sauces helped me develop our Hot BBQ sauce.  

In 2007 I opened “Good To Go” an old fashion BBQ joint, in Vienna, I started making my BBQ sauce by the gallons. As the restaurant business picked up, local restaurants and stores started to request my sauce to sell. In 2009 I formed Causey Foods, Inc. and began to develop the sauce for market. I have been a part of the process every step of the way-- even down to picking up our first order and delivering it myself. I am very proud of where we came from and even more excited to see where we are going. 


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