About Us



the beehive, located at 1250 Caroline Street, Suite C120, Atlanta, GA 30307, is a boutique collective comprised of independent designers with a focus on the local entrepreneur. Our product selection includes apparel, housewares, accessories, baby goods, local food goods and jewelry for everyone. 

Designer owned and run, we strive to provide a platform whereby new and established designers and artists may increase their brand visibility through sales, community outreach, and the ability to engage with a network of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

We seek to enrich the local community by introducing stylish, locally designed products in a chic modern boutique setting. the beehive boasts the area's best handmade goods, and provides customers the opportunity to directly interact and engage with the artists who made their products.


"the beehive" is a unique retail concept originally called "Beehive Co-op" in that started in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2004.  

In early 2010, the store was acquired by an existing Atlanta designer who sought to take the collective designers and its image to greater heights.

Having successfully tackled her own entrepreneurial endeavor in jewelry design from the ground up, owner Malene Davis, forged her vision together with other local designers to keep top quality handmade culture alive and well in her city. 

With a 2600 square foot store located in the bustling Edgewood Retail District, the beehive is a place where customers can come, relax, and learn about the people and processes that went into making the beautiful items in the store. 


the beehive is a community; it is more than just four walls that house products for sale.  It is truly a place where entrepreneurs - of every level - can get support they need to make their businesses better.  

the beehive designer creates a product line that is innovative, stylish, modern, and often sustainable. Their line is most likely targeted toward a niche market or specific demographic, which allows us to have the greatest variety of independently designed products, all under one roof. 

the beehive designer does not mind being challenged, and consistently seeks to grow the visibility and innovativeness of their brand, as 
well as that of the store. Finally, the beehive designers - collectively - are as diverse as the product selection in the store: We are all ages, colors and cultures, synergistically  combined to provide the best example of all that a designer community can be.