Happy Monday!

Organizing and filing for my small business are two of my least favorite tasks.  I have spent the last month trying to "get it together" in this respect because in actuality, poor organization makes for tedious, slow, inefficient work. And with one employee (me)  my business has to run efficiently!

As an extremely visual person, my studio and office organization has to make for efficient work, but has to appeal to my aesthetic sensibilities as well!  Let me share with you what I found...

A big calendar for  "in-my-face"  deadlines is critical.  I don't want to have to look on my computer, phone or pocket calendar.   This chalkboard version is very cool and can be painted on a big board or the wall.  Use magnetic paint to be able to add notes, pictures, etc.

I also don't like my office to look like an office.  Using ordinary pieces of furniture that have been spruced up with paint give an office a less corporate feel.  The drawers of this dresser were removed and replaced with plastic labeled storage boxes.  Brilliant!  Find free downloadable labels here.

 Because I am so visual, visual clutter distracts my creativity. I like for receipts, bills and important papers to be boxed --accessible, but out of the way. Ikea offers great and inexpensive storage boxes. This first photo of the shelf organized by olivia carter looks perfect.

Hope this gives y'all some organization motivation.  It certainly did me. 

Now get to work!