girlygirl productions skirt before editing photo

Happy Monday!  Grab your cup and let's talk photography!

If you have an e-commerce site or are using a platform like etsy to sell your products, I know you are constantly taking
and uploading photos.  Unless you are working with a professional photographer who can be very expensive,  I also
know the work and effort it takes to edit your photos, especially if  you are selling alot of varied products.

Enter online service that can auto-crop, resize and brighten all your photos-- dozens or thousands-- in seconds.  You can actually upload nine photos and test the site fore free.  I did just that with several new skirt designs I photographed myself in the studio and was so happy with the results.

The photos that edit best are those with your product centered in the photo, taken on a white background with natural light.  Once you upload your photo and select auto edit or select your own parameters, Zenfotomatic cleans the photo, brightens it, sharpens it instantly and makes it web-worthy. 

                    before using zenfomatic on the photo - dull, lifeless, and gray background on image
           before using Zenfomatic on image - dull, lifeless, gray background that resulted from snapping the camera

                     After using the Zenfotomatic program. Photo is now bright, vivid and professional looking

After your free test run, the site offers various discount packages:  editing 100 photos costs $20; 500 photos costs $90; etc.  Savings are most significant for those editing thousands of products.  I would probably fall in the 500 picture range--but spending around $100 to save hours of work is worth alot more to me!
Go work!