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Stovetop Simmering Potpourri Kit - Cleansing

Potpourri simmer kits are a wonderful way to make your home truly smell like the season.  Whether a reminder of the crisp woods, or smelling like Grammie's apple pie, this packet of handmade potpourri is pretty, giftable, and great to use year-around. 

To use: pour contents into a pot on your stove and cover with water, or use a small "simmer" or crock pot. Simmer on low heat to release the incredible fragrance. Continue to add water, as needed.

This simmer pot kit is all about intention. Each item included provides a different function for you and your home: 

dried lemon
used for longevity, purification, unity, uplifting, clarity, friendship, happiness, rejuvenation, awareness, love, fidelity, new beginnings, cleansing, and protection

cinnamon sticks
call on it for purification as well as success, vitality, and love.

helpful for banishing and purification

A calming and peaceful herb that help to cleanse stressful energy after a conflict.

clear negative energies, both from physical spaces and the human aura.

used to clear negative energy from the room

A truly wonderful, all-natural way for you to get into a festive spirit (whether winter, spring, summer or fall). All items are dried in-house in Atlanta, GA. This smell-good awesomeness brought to you by North/South Soap Co. 


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