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“Sia” Necklace

The ‘Sia’ necklace.

This one of a kind design necklace is layered with organic modern shapes and beautifully accented with a gold chain color and rare antique brass pendant to ground the necklace.

I do a specific technique to make sure each piece of jewelry keeps its shape, yet stays lightweight.

The Sia is sturdy and has beautiful flow and movement as you wear it.

🔸Width: at widest 2-1/2”
🔸Length: 2”
🔸Colors: Charcoal grey/Teal/Orange
🔸Chain length: 28” adjustable.
🔸Nickel free-gold color adjustable chain.
🔸Rare brass spike grounding pendant.
🔸Doubled sturdy leather and will keep its shape.
🔸Same leather color on back as on front. If it flips around (as necklaces sometimes do) color is consistent.

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