Rose + Quartz + Sage Smudge Stick

Sage smudge sticks have been used by Indigenous Tribes for thousands of years and have long been used to cleanse a space or environment of negative energy, to generate wisdom and clarity, commune with the spirits, and to promote healing. Lucky for us, they are still ceremonially used with those same intentions today. 

The Rise sage sticks are made to purify your space and uplift your spirit. We recommend you use it when you need a quick cleansing, or in your spiritual rituals. 

Each bundle is made with different elements to help you achieve your cleansing goals.  Each bundle includes white garden sage, which is used to purify your home & ward of negative energy. In addition, your sage stick may include:  

  • Lavender: helps to provide protection and enhance well-being and joy. Lavender is known to promote a calming environment. 

  • Roses: helps to promote love, attraction, peace and harmony.

  • Rosemary: brings clarity and promotes protection by allowing you to let go of negative thoughts. 

  • Quartz: amplifies purification of your sage burning

  • Selenite: cleanses your aura, removes energy blockages from the body, and helps to clear and purify your space

  • Cinnamon: helps to promote prosperity and provides protection, love, and energy clearing. 

This sage bundle is made with: Sage + Quartz stone + Rose petals

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