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Rebecca Malcom LeatherWorks

Rocker Chic Earrings

“Beautiful Imperfections” Collection

These are truly one of a kind edgy, rocker vibe minimalist stylish earrings.
I had shortened some earrings and these were the ‘scraps’ that were left over.

I was about to throw these ‘scraps’ away when I thought…they are really beautiful in a simple minimalist way!

Made with Modern Premium metal Stainless Steel paper clip chain, these truly hang and move beautifully.
Very lightweight, feather weight feel.

Each piece of jewelry I make is handmade, hand cut and made with thought and care with you in mind. No two are alike!

-Upcycled leather
-Nickel free metals
-Premium Stainless Steel paper clip chain
-Featherweight feel.

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