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Tugende Design

Kyenvu Handmade Beaded Offset Multi Strand Necklace in a Bold Multi Color Combination

These are pretty, colorful, and funky necklaces in an offset layered 7- strand design.  True statement necklaces that are easy to wear with flat tubular shaped paper beads in bright colors that include yellow, blue, green, red, black and white.

There are two cone shaped yellow beads where the necklace transitions from a single strand to 7 strands which is why we named it Kyenvu, meaning yellow in Luganda (local language in Uganda).
Lengths are about 14 inches. The seed beeds in between the paper beads and around the neck are in jeweltones. There is NO clasp on this necklace - you just pull it over your head. 
No two necklaces are exactly the same! These are truly unique and made by Maggie And her hard-working artisans in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

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