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Jenga Necklace

Jenga Necklace

My Jenga necklace will give the perfect pop of color to any outfit, whether you’re feeling casual or dressy!

I hammer each piece of metal, then meticulously cut and stack the leather to make a truly one of a kind piece.  I’ve always loved the look of metal mixed with leather. I love using colorful leather with modern design. These are simple but definitely not boring!

-Each necklace is Hand hammered nickel free metals by yours truly⛓
-Metal and leather pendant length: 2-1/2”
-Necklace chain: petite gold colored
- Necklace length adjustable from short 18” to long 26”
-All nickel free metals.

Each piece is hand hammered which means you will truly be getting your own one of a kind artisan piece!

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