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Georgia Pecan Halves

Harvested from Georgia groves the Elliot pecan halves in this 8oz bag are known by foodies and chefs alike for their signature sweet flavor, high oil content and naturally buttery crunch. 

This plump round nut is unlike any other pecan you have ever tasted. You will immediately notice that the size and shape of the Elliott pecan lends itself perfectly for cooking and baking as it requires no chopping. Simply snack on Elliot halves or add them to your salads, cookies, pies and enjoy their amazing flavor.

What you get:

  • 8oz bag of Georgia grown, raw Elliot pecan halves.
  • A must have recipe listed on the back label of the bag.
  • An all natural, gluten free snack.
  • A great, Georgia grown, product for gift giving.

Allery Information:

  • Pecans are processed in the same facility as peanuts and milk products.





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