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Tugende Design

Entenga | Djembe | Drum Keychains

This drum keychain is very durable and lightweight!

These are African drum keychains made out of wood, leather, beads and ropes. Unique in design with distinctly carved finish on wood to depict details. 

1-(entenga), 1910. Played at the royal court of the Kabaka, the traditional ruler of Buganda, a region of Uganda. As many as 15 such drums are played together, tuned so that one can hear a melody

2-The Djembe drum is a rope tuned goat skin covered drum played with bare hands and prominent in different west African cultures.

(3) Different types of drums.


Unique key chain
Carved from wood
Brown leather top bit
Black crochet thread on the sides
Kente fabric

1 inch wide approx. (widest point)
1.9 - 2 inches approx. (height)

This is a great addition for your collection and suitable as gift for your friends and family for any occasion.

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