Rebecca Malcom LeatherWorks

“Chrissie” Leather Earring

These modern dangle fan earrings are a perfect go accessory for any outfit fit!
They are made from up cycled leather, so you can feel good knowing your wearing sustainable jewelry.

Leather can uniquely be a different color on it’s opposite’hairy’ side.
To keep it consistently the same color I double the leather. This ensures color consistency. This is an added detail for when your wear your hair up or have short hair. It is summer yall😆

These earrings will always keep they shape. Sturdy but airy and super lightweight.

I detail them with a complimentary contrast light blush pink stitch.

I hand cut each and every piece I make. You will truly be getting a unique piece of jewelry and feel good supporting a local artist.
🔸Width: 3”
🔸Drop length: 3”
🔸Doubled leather=Sturdy but lightweight.
🔸Same color on both sides.

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