Oak + Bayou

Bookmark- Definition of a Boss Mom

Do you love to read, or have an avid reader in your life?  If so, there's no better gift than a beautiful bookmark.  

These wood bookmarks are designed, laser-cut and finished in our Atlanta, Georgia studio space.  Each one expresses a penchant for the creative, and is made from beautiful alder plywood to last a lifetime. 

This bookmark - PERFECT FOR MAMAS - OR ANY OF THE SPECIAL WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE ANY TIME OF THE YEAR (but especially Mother's Day) - is a part of the "Mom Definition" series, which gives what we think is the best definition of moms far and wide. This bookmark is for our "second Mamas," or aunties, who we love just as much. It features a beautiful deep engraving of the words: 

boss mom

a badass woman
who raises businesses

and babies. 

See: confident, successful, dream-maker

Simply stated... forever meant.  

  • Alder wood
  • Laser engraved
  • 1.5" W x 6" long
  • Comes with leatherette hang for easy locating in your book. 

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