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4.0 oz Natural Bath Soaks

These bath salts and soaks are the perfect things to help you after a long day.  Each is made with aromatherapy benefits that are wonderful for relaxation and to sooth your mind. 

  • Himalayan Rose - a mix of himalayan salt, dried rose petals and a faint floral fragrance
  • Turmeric - Dead sea salt with a mix of healing and skin-brightening turmeric. Mixed with a soothing scent of bamboo, coconut, and a light musk scent. 
  • Matcha - Fantastic for soothing inflammation in the skin, Matcha is paired with a light green tea scent that includes lemon, grapefruit, and jasmine. 
  • Feel Pretty - Dead sea salt mixed with botanicals, and a fruity-floral fragrance that is sure to uplift your day. 
  • Lavender - Lavender buds are spread throughout the mother of all aromatherapy - lavender. Topped with a soothing lavender essential oil fragrance. 

    Each mini-packet is good for up to 4 baths.  Simply pour under running water, or place in a bath tea bag and soak. 

    Made with love in ATL. 

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