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It's time to celebrate the special men in your life, and (ahem, in our humble opinion) there's no better way to do it than with a good ol' gift of handmade. This Saturday, June 7th, is your day to get him the beautifully-wrapped gift he'll love for all eternity (on us, as always), and you get to meet the Makers and experience a special artisanal food tasting by the people who bring you great local eats while doing it.  Lucky you.

Read below to learn about the designers and artists who will be on hand this weekend from 11am-3pm, and get ready for some great food, shopping and fun.  See you there.

ONE SCREW LOOSE - Meet the Senft Family for an incredible in-person tasting of their jellies

What we can we say about these jellies?  A combination of liquor, beer, and the best local fruits and ingredients around creates an artisinal treat that any foodie guy will crave.  For the first time, we're having the lovely Senft family reppin' in the store for an in-person tasting of their jellies.  Get ready for a true, unabashed flavor explosion.  Learn more about their line of locally-made jellies at

BLOCK & HAMMER - Modern stamped awesomeness for you (uh, we mean your guy)

Tie bars with the stamped message "#1 Dad". Collar stays with "Southern Gentleman".  A vintage stamped knife with the words "I don't think you're ready for this jelly".  Can you think of a better way to convey a message than with a unique, tongue-in-cheek, impeccably made item for your guy, your home, or yourself?  We certainly can't.

Atlanta couple Dean & Lauren burst on the scene last year and quickly became a popular name amongst people who love to gifts that other people love (yep, we said that).  Block & Hammer will be on-hand to give you the best of their hand-stamped brand this Saturday, and look forward to seeing you smile when you pick up that perfect gift for your special guy.  Check out their entire collection (before viewing it in the store Saturday) here.

BEAUTIFUL BRINY SEA - Gourmet flavored salt that will become every foodie's new (or old) favorite.
Join the Beautiful Briny team on Saturday for an in-person tasting of their best sellers. 


 We're totally "energy" people at the beehive, and believe that you know "the real thing" when you see it.  We can easily say that Suzi Sheffield and the Beautiful Briny family are indeed the real thing. The passion, love and care that they infuse into each and every tin of their locally made artisanal salts are easily tasted in each and every grain.  Join the team on Saturday for a tasting of their best-selling salts, and get ready for all-new flavor, unexpected flavor profiles in the options they provide for you at the tasting. You're going to have a hard time choosing just one, so we'll be there to help you take several home for yourself and gift some for the special man in your life.  Learn all about the current happenings going on with Beautiful Briny Sea here.

SOSHESEWS - Incredibly modish skinny ties, upcycled beer koozies and housewares that will become your guy's new favorite accessory.

Atlanta resident, Brooke Helfen, was one of the first handmade designers in Atlanta to bring us into the world of upcycled goods, and we have happily followed.  Now a standard in the handmade scene, Brooke continuously innovates her line to create exciting new collections for you, your man and your home.  Join her Saturday as she will introduce a bevy of modern skinny ties and accessories, just in time for Father's Day.  Learn about about Brooke, SoSheSews and the happenings of her brand here.