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Geometric Modern Wood Wall Hanging

Instructor: Malene Davis 
Length:  2 - 2.5 hours 
Minimum Age: 18+
Minimum Enrollment: 
3 students 

Maximum Enrollment:  12 students  
Regular Price: $52 

Every modern home needs one.  Trust us.  A wall hanging with great pops of color and straight lines makes a beautiful piece for any living room or bedroom.  Inspired by Makers like We Are Lunariumand others, this workshop will allow you the wherewithal to make those pieces you've always coveted. 

This class is a "twofer": While in this 2 hour workshop you'll learn the technique of attaching and stringing a wall hanging, you'll also hone that inner artist by choosing whatever array of colors you want to paint each and every piece before connecting them in their final form.  We'll have plenty of painter's tape (for straight lines) and practice pieces on hand before you jump into your final piece. 

Let your creativity run wild and by the end of the workshop, each person will go home with a beautiful modern piece to hang in their home. 


SUNDAY APRIL 21ST - 2:00PM - 4:30PM

SUNDAY MAY 19TH - 3:00PM - 5:30PM

Inspiration from We Are Lunarium 

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