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Candle Making 201 - The Mantra Candle

Instructor: Mariama Davis
Length: 2 hours
Minimum Age: 18+
Minimum Enrollment: 4 students
Maximum Enrollment: 10 students
PRICE:  $56.00

This candle-making workshop takes everything you love in traditional candle-making and kicks it up a notch.  Need a little healing in your life?  A little balance?  A little peace and unity?  Add some healing crystals, gemstones and florals to your candle - along with a daily mantra - to help provide an extra boost of tranquility in your space. 

This workshop has two parts: First, you'll choose a variety of gemstones based on their properties to add to your candles.  Second, we'll teach you how to melt wax, how to properly set your pouring candle vessel with a wood wick (along with tips on how to prepare your wick), how to add fragrance and set it for the best scent "throw", and how to properly embed your gemstones into your wax while curing. 

We'll discuss gemstones properties, and will allow you to choose those that best fit what you most need in your life today.  For an extra bonus, you'll have the ability to write an optional mantra that you can recite when lighting your candle each morning. In each workshop, we'll have a large variety of stones for use, and just a few will include:

  • Raw Clear Quartz - an amplifier that brings clarity, concentration and balance. Connects with all your chakras. 

  • Amethyst - brings healing and allows you to hone your spirituality

  • Rose Quartz - helps to heal your heart and mend old wounds

  • Aventurine - helps to hone your heart chakra, bringing gratitude, hope and positivity

  • Citrine - bringer of joy, success and confidence

  • Tiger's Eye - Helps to erase negativity, and helps establish pride

  • Carnelian - brings joy and helps to initiate intention of action

  • Chalcedony - helps to rekindle enthusiasm and invites truth into your life

  • ... And many, many more. 

We'll also have botanicals that you can add to each candle, if you'd like. 

All materials are included in the price of the workshop. 

PSSST!  We LOVE to have a good time at our workshops to please feel free to bring snacks and 'fun' drinks ;-) if you like!


SATURDAY  04/13/2024 9:00AM - 11:00A

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