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Janis Boho Cuff

This is your perfect go to cuff. Whether your feeling casual or more dressy, this genuine leather cuff will compliment all of your outfits.

Each piece I make is hand cut, hand crafted and 100% original in design.

Your cuff is sweat-proof and water-resistant. It can get wet! I designed the ‘Janis’ Cuff to be sturdy, super lightweight and can even be submersed in water!
Simply take off and let your cuff dry overnight and will be good to go.
High quality, comfort and lightweight.


Width: 1-1/2"

Water resistant leather. It can get wet and will dry back to natural color.

Doubled leather. Lightweight and no leather stains.

Colorful pop of color, contrast stitch 100% durable nylon.

Nickel free metals.


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