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Fiesta 3 Handmade Beaded Long Necklace (Multicolor with Gold Seed Beads)

We named these colorful, fun, and whimsical necklaces Fiesta!  They make me smile!  Put it on and feel a bit whimsical. This necklace is long enough to make it a double layer. Look at the pictures for some ideas on how to wear it. 

These long single strand necklaces have a mix of colors and paper beads in different shapes and sizes. Super fun to wear, definitely a conversation starter and also a great gift.

The paperbeads for these necklaces are a mix of recycled paper and magazines, no two are exactly alike. The paperbeads have been made from thin strips of paper, rolled tightly and then varnished 5 times for durability before being strung into a necklace. This is a very time consuming process. But, it is like making something beautiful from nothing.  

The seed beads in this necklace are all gold tone.

All necklaces are multi-color and there is no clasp. We have 2 other listings for similarr necklaces but with different color seed beads. 

The length of each necklace is just about 25-26 inches (a bit shorter than the other Fiesta necklaces). 

These are handmade by our team of women artisans in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. No two necklaces are exactly alike.

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