Oak + Bayou

Bookmark - Definition of a Mommy

Do you love to read, or have an avid reader in your life?  If so, there's no better gift than a beautiful bookmark.  

These wood bookmarks are designed, laser-cut and finished in our Atlanta, Georgia studio space.  Each one expresses a penchant for the creative, and is made from beautiful alder plywood to last a lifetime. 

This bookmark - PERFECT FOR MAMAS ANY TIME OF THE YEAR (but especially Mother's Day) - is a part of the "Mom Definition" series, which gives what we think is the best definition of moms far and wide.  It features a beautiful deep engraving of the words: 


secret keeper;
boo-boo kisser;
master of the house; 
sharer of dreams; 
selfless; teacher;

listener; motivator; 
believer; voice of reason; 
the problem solver; the multi-tasker; 
a woman who is 
deeply, deeply loved by her family. 
Simply stated... forever meant.  This bookmark also shows a rendering of hearts at the bottom of the bookmark to further show your love.

  • Alder wood
  • Laser engraved
  • 1.5" W x 6" long
  • Comes with leatherette hang for easy locating in your book. 

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