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“Beautiful Imperfections” Necklace

Beautiful Imperfections Collection

This collection is made from scraps of earrings that I had shortened. I was about to throw away these ‘scraps’ when I noticed how beautiful the colors and the minimalist size complimented each other. I attached them on a single chain and they truly layer and hang beautifully!

I love that this necklace is so versatile. Whether your feeling casual, meeting friends or dressing up this is a minimalist statement necklace.

30” Nickel free antique brass petite chain.
Chain is Adjustable to 28”
Chain length with leather pieces: varies but appropriately 3”.
Doubled leather, which means the leather will always keep its shape, yet super light weight.
Truly unique-one of a kind design.
Since each piece is handmade you will truly have a your own unique piece of jewelry made just for you!

I put care in each piece of jewelry I make and think of each and every one of you. I hope you enjoy your one of a kind designer piece.

Get ready for the compliments!

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