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Be the Light Alchemy Necklace - Aqua Chalcedony

Wrapped in philosophies, astrology and, science, transformation is at the heart of Alchemy—a search for a treasure among the mundane, driven by the wild imaginings of what could be. Our limited edition Alchemy Collection hints at this sacred process, featuring an exquisite luxe bezeled gemstone adorned in 18k gold.

This Aqua Chalcedony Alchemy necklace is so you may carry and be the light, grounded in your own Alchemy, transforming darkness, and shining a light for yourself and others. It's a calming stone that amplifies peace, love, inspiration, and compassion for all.

May this necklace put you in touch with that part of yourself that is Alchemical. That part that knows transformation and embraces it fully because of the promise of a better you. It is a celebration of all that we are because of change.

  • Approximately 15 x 11m bezel cut luxe gemstone electroplated with 18k gold (heat treated to enhance color)
  • One length: 16" with a Sterling silver lobster clasp and extender chain allowing it to be worn up to 18"
  • Strung on Mighty Miracle nylon cord
  • FSC Certified Card

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