artist rental fees

unlike traditional boutiques, the beehive utilizes the co-op/collective model to make up our designer community.  While we will occasionally work with the right designer on consignment, 96% of our store is made up of designers who choose to pay a small monthly booth rent in exchange for a higher commission return in their favor, along with exclusivity of their space. 

Each renting designer is given an agreed upon amount of space - a "mini store" - that is specifically dedicated to their products.  Testing new products, creating a strong brand identity through your display, and selling your most popular items to our customer base are easy here, as the merchandising will always be to your liking and - more importantly - your standards.  

While the spaces featured below do not encompass available space in the store (we love being creative with our vendors to create new spaces!), these are our most popular options. Read below to find out more about each space and the rental rate involved for each.  All rates listed are monthly. 


Our most popular free-standing space gives you endless ways to display your entire collection.  Large, movable, modular boutique space with a wood backing.  Can use long and short shelving to vary the look of your display.  2-Drawer unit below display for storage.  May usemannequin on unit to display wares.  This space is $255 without work per month, and $210 with 8 hours of in-store work per month.  Thereare 16 units available. 

Our Large Boutique wall space also provides you with many ways to display your wares. Located on one wall in our store, you can utilize long shelving, short shelving, waterfall and cascade fixtures to spruce up your display.  No drawer unit is included with the wall large boutique spaces. This space is $210 per month without work, and $170 with 8 hours of in-store work per month. 

There are 3 units available. 

The majority of our store is made up of table spaces.  With a shelf underneath each, you have the option of utilizing each and every inch of of available display space.  Use risers(up to 12" tall) and adorn it creatively with any kind of themed accouterments to make your space new, each and every season. This space is $180 per month without work, and $140 with 8 hours of in-store work per month.  There are 9 units available. 

The Small Table is the little sister of our Large Table, measuring in at one foot smaller.  Unlike our large table, the small table has a support barrier that falls in the middle of the table, creating two delineated spaces for you to display additional merchandise. Use risers (up to 12" tall) and adorn this space creatively with modern and props.  This space is $170 per month without work, and $130 with 8 hours of in-store work.  There are 5 units available. 

Reserved for our handmade apparel designers, our ballet bar spaces help you create a true mini boutique all your own.  With room to hold   up to 60 pieces per collection, you can easily showcase your entire seasonal wares, with room to show accessories, as well.  Each ballet bar is modular, with the ability to be as short as 3.5 feet, and raise up to 6 feet in height.  Ballet bars are $165 per month without work, and $125 with 8 hours of in-store work.  There are 7 units available. 

Some jewelry designers take time and care to create tiny pieces of beautiful wearable art that are best displayed in a jewelry case.  Our beautiful jewelry cases provide a clear showcase top that allows you to display a large collection of your designs all in one secured space.  Each wide jewelry case is $210 without work, and is $170 with 8 hours of in-store work per month. There are 4 units available.

Dedicated to our fabulous in-town food artists, our Handbaked section features the best of handmade local food goods.  From jellies, to handmade pestos, chocolates, cookies, cake pops and more, your eyes will have a feast, and your tummy will definitely thank you.  Each handbaked shelf area is $65 without work, and $25 with 8 hours per month of in-store work. There are 10 units available.  Due to the tight margins of independent food goods, we also regularly work with the right local food artists on a commission basis. 

Our long wall shelves are a fantastic way to display a large amount of merchandise in one single space.  With the ability to feature any kind of merchandise, from bath & body, to stationery, to housewares, to jewelry, sky is the limit with this well featured wall area.  Each long shelf unit is $165 without work, and $125 with 8 hours of in-store work.  There are 3 units available.  

Our short wall shelves are made up of large boutique units that are shared by several different designers.  This is the best way for burgeoning designers -  just starting their business - to get a good footing on what works for their business with the commitment of cost that comes with a larger space.  Spaces on single wall shelves is extremely limited, but are a great option for both the indie newbie and more seasoned artist, who has a smaller collection.  Single wall shelves are $80 without work, and $40 per month with 8 hours of in-store work.  Unit availability varies.

While the beehive has limited wall space for traditional wall artists, we are please to introduce two new spaces dedicated to this mission.  Our art wall space is a fantastic way to show many small pieces of work, or several large pieces that make a great statement.  The art wall space is $100 without work, and $60 with 8 hours of in-store work per month.  1 unit available. 

Our other space dedicated to wall artists, the art wall + display space is perfect for the traditional artist who has branched out to create small tangibles of their work.  With a shelf space, and under-shelf display space, you can have the absolute best of all worlds, in one dedicated area.  The Art Wall + Display space is $160 per month without work, and $120 per month with 8 hours of in-store work.