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New York Fashion week has come to a close, but on my recent visit again to the wonderful NYC, I remembered my visit in September of 2013 when the Spring shows were taking place. I was inspired by so much of what was going on around me and did my best to capture those things on film during my short visit. These elements were a great influence on my creations for this Spring.  In the next couple of weeks all of the Beehivers, including myself, will be bringing in new goodies and showcasing their creations for the season. Colors of the season: ultramarine, citron, coral, & neutrals paired back to bold colors were all represented on the runways.

I've had an opportunity to get a peak at some of the Hivers collections, and it's so amazing to see how each individual designer has incorporated and interpreted these key trends into thier own collections. It makes me proud to know that in our corner of the fashion world we are definitely on the pulse of all things fashion. Be sure to stop in and see all that is new!