North/South Soap Company

Room + Linen Spray - Bergamot and Sandalwood

We believe in a good smelling space, mmkay?  A little mist of fresh-smelling goodness will do its job in lifting even the mustiest of spirits.  Having a room and linen spray that is made with all natural ingredients is even better, right?  

Our room and linen spray by North/South is made from 4 simple ingredients, and comes out in a light mist.  Give it a good shake, spray away, and enjoy.  

Your Room + Linen Spray is BERGAMOT AND SANDALWOOD mini mist sprayer.  It's a mix of warm tones of bergamot, orange, sandalwood and tea.   Perfect for your bathroom, your car, or anywhere you need a spritz of serious smell-goodness. 

Made in Atlanta. 

Water, Surfactant, Isopropyl Alcohol, Dipropylene, special north/south fragrance blend.

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