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Oak + Bayou

World Stainless and Wood Cufflinks

Give the man in your life something he'll love forever.  This laser-etched pair of cufflinks is just the thing to make him smile (and spruce up his outfit at the same time). 

These cufflinks are a perfect gift for Father's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, 5th wedding anniversary (it's wood) or a unique gift for your bridal party on your wedding day.

This special pair of cufflinks is etched with the following rendering: 

World Map (for the travelers and culture lovers out there).

These cufflinks are adorned with sturdy, thick stainless steel straight-sided bezels that are 100% tarnish resistant. 

Finished wood selections include:

MAPLE: Creamy white in color with grains of gold. 
WALNUT: Dark brown, with almost black grains of wood. Sometimes has hints                   of deep brownish-purple. 
CHERRY: A burnished light brown wood with hues of red. 

All cufflinks are approximately 22mm in diameter (a little bigger than 3/4 inch). Each cufflink bezel is 3mm in height. 

Each set will be sent to you on an Oak + Bayou card in a box, ready to gift or wear. 

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