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the beehive

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"Boho Beaded" Collection.
I love the combination of the semi-precious stones in-laid in the leather. The color of the stitch takes it up that extra notch. The colors lend itself to go with several styles and match any outfit!

-I take an extra step and double the leather. By doubling the leather it means a finished surface on both sides. This means extra comfort for you since only the finished sides are exposed.

-High quality Stainless steel snaps are added after I receive your wrist size.

-To size your wrist correctly: Using a flexible measuring tape, measure the circumference of your wrist just above the wrist bone (toward the elbow).

*Please Note: The Wrist sizes in the scroll down menu only shows half sizes. In order to ensure a correct fit I will need your exact measurement to within an 1/8th of an inch.
-I size all cuffs to a 'comfortable' fit.

Let the fun begin!