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Southern Magnolia Hand-Poured Candle

Aaaaahhh... The South.  It's summertime, front porch swingin' and moonshine drinkin'.  Okay, so those of us who reside in the Good Ol' South know that we're so much more: bustling metropolises, modern design, and great food also help to round out The South (but, to be true we don't mind swigin' a little moonshine with that 4-star dinner sometimes, yeah?). 

One thing about the South in Atlanta that we love is the blooming of the Magnolia Tree.  Miss that this year?  No worries, because you can capture it's essence in this awesome candle, all year around. 

The Southern Magnolia candle captures the essence of the simple and refreshing bouquet of the sweet Magnolia flower; it's truly a summertime favorite. 

Available in 4oz travel tins, 8oz and 16oz jars.

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