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Sophie Handmade Intricately Braided Necklace (4 Colors with Gold Seed Beads)

This is a fabulous single-strand necklace in a unique and intricately braided beaded design that has an offset layered design with 6 beaded strand at the bottom of the necklace. This statement necklace works equally well with an evening dress or a simple t-shirt. And it is also a great conversation piece. 

The braided strands of gold tone seed beads transition into a beaded into a layered design with colorful paper beads. There is a chunky paper beads where the design shifts. The darling little paper beads are made from recycled paper beads.  

The small paper beads are tightly rolled, varnished 5 times for durability, put on strings that are braided in a very intricate and elegant braided necklace design.  

There are NO clasps on this necklace.  

Lengths are 14-16 inches.

We have four bright colors: Bright Red, Mauve Purple, Apple Green, Bright Blue

No two necklaces are exactly the same. These are handmade by our talented Tugende Design teams (led by Maggie) in Kampala, Uganda. And, each necklace sold helps to fund women empowerment projects to support these women and their families. 

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