UnCommon Scents

Sea Mist

Ah, the salty seas.  A place where family convenes.  Where you go to relax and clear your head.  Where you marvel at the wonder of it all.  Who doesn't love the great wide open waters?

If you're landlocked (like we are in good ol' ATL), burn a Sea Mist candle, close your eyes, and pretend that you're dipping your feet into crisp blue waters. 

The Sea Mist candle is reminiscent of a fresh light ocean breeze..... with fresh apple, melon, orange, lavender and musk…..refreshing and clean. 

All candles in the Uncommon Candles collection are handpoured in Atlanta, Georgia using soy wax (meaning it will burn cleaner in your home). 

Available in 4oz travel tins, 8oz and 16oz jars.

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