UnCommon Scents

Rosemary Mint



If you love all things essential oils and natural, this is a scent with which you'll be well familiar.  If you're not (because you eat pizza every day) but also want to think you're healthy, we suggest you burn this terrific smelling candle to start you on your way.  Plus, it helps to mask the smell of chopped kale and other healthy food smells. 

The Rosemary Mint candle is a soothing natural blend of cooling eucalyptus, rosemary, and citrus warmed with cedar and hints of patchouli…perfect to mask kitchen and cooking odors. 

Each candle in the Uncommon Scents collection are hand-poured in Atlanta, Georgia with soy (which means it will burn clean in your home). 

Available in 4oz travel tins, 8oz and 16oz jars.

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