Textile & Twine

Pink and Gold Pot Holders

$7.00 $18.00

One Size Fits All Pot Holder, with dual layer of cotton AND heat protective batting.

Textile & Twine was started when Danielle Mathis was just 16 years old. I was just learning how to sew, and wanted desperately to try her hand at something more detailed than a pillow or a tote bag.

Simplicity Pattern Co. had just re-released their line of absolutely adorable retro apron patterns; and she knew that her loving, supportive mother would wear as many of them as she would make her...no matter how bad they looked. :) But before long, Danielle's little aprons were looking better and better. 

Her mother posted pictures of the aprons she'd made her on an online forum she was a member of. Soon after - Textile & Twine was born :)

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