Peach or Plum?

Pin- Vaxxed & Relaxed Cloud - Vaccinated Badge - Covid Vaccine Pin

Pin- Vaxxed & Relaxed Cloud - Vaccinated Badge - Badge to Wear or for Backpack, lanyard, shoes, jacket

Let the world know the reason you're not wearing your mask is because YES! You've been VACCINATED! This small acrylic sports pennant that says "Vaxxed & Relaxed" is a subtle & classy way to let people know without having to tell everyone. The badge features a rubber back making it easy to fasten and remove from all types of surfaces... like a backpack, jacket, lapel, lanyard, skates, shirt, purse, etc.

Each pin is made from a solid, transparent, acrylic material with a durable, rubber clutch.

🍑 D E T A I L S

✭ Pin measures .75" high x 1.25" wide.
✭ Acrylic transparent material.
✭ Original Peach or Plum artwork.
✭ While I do my best to photograph my items true-to-life, colors may vary depending on screen displays. Please allow slight variation between the photographs displayed and physical items.

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