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Modern Your Home :: Paper Plants

Length:  2 hours 
Minimum Age:15+ years
Minimum Enrollment: 
3 students  

Maxiumum Enrollment: 14 students
Becca Scott & Malene Davis


We all know that plants are a thing. We get great highs when we can adorn our space with lovely greenery that helps our homes become more vibrant. 

But what if we're lacking a green thumb? Or your home doesn't have a southern facing window with great light? Or all of the plants you've owned before died?  We've got the remedy for you that will garner you the name "plant person" in no time. 

In this workshop, you'll utilize traditional floral wire and cut patterned leaves to create a realistic version of a small heart philodendron and a hoya plant for you to modern up your home, and will last forever.  Move this bad boy under the vent or out of the light, and it will look just as good as the day you made it.  Plus, you'll go home with the withal and knowledge to make plants to your hearts content. 

Each workshop is approximately 2 hours long.  All materials included. 


Sunday October 30th - 10:00am - Noon

Saturday November 5th - 9:30am - 11:30am

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 Please note:  Registration is closed 4 days prior to workshop.

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