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Tugende Design

Nnyabo Boho Chic Handmade Beaded Multi Strand Long Necklace (Available in 3 Color Combinations)

We named these  signature necklaces Nnyabo which means "Madam" in Luganda (a local language in Uganda).

These long multi-strand necklaces are stunning. They each have 3 long strands of multi-colored paper beads and 2 additional strands of gold/bronze seed beads. The contrast is stunning and we know these will be a best seller.

Choose from 3 different color combinations. All necklaces are multi-color but select based on the most dominant color.

Multicolor - Cream

Multicolor - Blue/Gray

Multicolor - Yellow/Orange

The length of each necklace is just about 20 inches.

There is an unusual clasp in the back made of a large paper bead and a loop of seed beads. Easy to open and close. But, for most, you will likely just pull it over your head. 

This multi-strand necklace can be worn any season. But, because of the length, it will be easy to wear over a sweater or turtle neck. s

These are handmade by Grace and her team of women artisans in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. No two necklaces are exactly alike.

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