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Musana Handmade Multi Strand Beaded Necklace (Seafoam Blue with Silver Seed Beads, 6 Strands)

These pretty, yet elegant, 6-strand necklaces are made in a beautiful, classic design that is easy to wear. We named these Musana meaning ”sun” and ”sunshine” because we think they uplift an outfit with a great, classic touch full of happy colors. 

We think of these as a classic necklace design with a twist. The twist is that they are made from paper beads. In this necklace, the paper beads are all made in the same shape and color - a gorgeous baby blue. The seed beads are in silver. 

These paper beads are made from thin strips of paper that are rolled tightly into a bead, varnished 5 times for durability and then strung into a necklace. It is a time consuming project, but it is also like making something beautiful from nothing.

Here are some more details about these necklaces. We have many different variations and colors of this Musana design. 
Color is a stunning seafoam, almost turquoise, but perhaps more blue. 
Lengths are about 13-14 inches.
The seed beads in between the paper beads and around the neck are silver tone.
The push through clasp in the back of the necklace is also in silver tone. 
No two necklaces are exactly the same! These are truly unique and made by one of our hard-working artisans in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

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