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Mexican Lady Power Doll - Tiny

This lovely Frida Khalo doll is a perfect friend to bring some colorful cheer and bright smiles to any home. Handmade and petite, she packs a powerful punch of Mexican Lady Power!

We love any woman who fights for the rights of others, and know that you do, too.  This Frida Khalo "Mexican Lady Power" stuffie is just  the right size to gift for the future "fight the power" baby in your life, or as an colorful addition to your space at home. 

 Each doll is made with a colorful pattern (typically floral) in the front of the stuffie, and is coupled with a bright pattern on the back.  The plushie you see in this listing is the one you'll receive. 

Please note this Frida plushie is slightly irregular, but still perfect to love.

Doll measures approximately 5.5" wide x 8" tall.  

Each doll is handmade and stuffed with love in our Grant Park studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

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