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Lavender Patchouli Shea Body Cream


How to Use: On-the-spot moisture: Use Shea Body Cream to treat dry skin wherever it’s needed. Simply scoop, dab and rub in. Allow to sink in before dressing. After showering: When showering, cleanse skin, and exfoliate with Lavender Patchouli Body Sugar Scrub to remove dead skin cells. When you are dry, scoop out the required amount of Shea Body Butter with your fingers, and apply all over – taking care to pay extra attention to really dry areas, like elbows and knees. You’ll find that our body creams are especially handy in winter when cold winter air and dry indoor heating combine to play havoc with your skin. In summer, it keeps your skin glowing and soft – perfect for showing off your favorite shorts and summer tops!

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