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Kyendi Stackable Beaded Stretch Bracelets (Turquoise)

These are darling stackable, stretch bracelets made from small hand rolled paper beads.
Of course, one can wear only 1 for a little bit of color. But, we think they look best in sets of 3 or more.

So stack several of ours, monochromatic for a lot of color impact. Or, stack a couple in a range of colors for a cute boho look. Maybe mix our with yours, get 2 of ours and wear on on each side of your favorite bracelet to mix it up a bit. Lots of possibilities!  We named this bracelet Kyendi (a Luganda word) which means ”I am” and is most often used in the context of encouraging people to be themselves, to be free to express themselves and their individuality. 

If you like lots of different color combinations, check out our listings with sets of 6 different, limited quantity colors. These sets are a great gift idea too (and a real bargain as we sell 6 bracelets for $25). 

If you love bracelets, these are a great way to try our paper beads. The beads have been made from tightly rolled strips of paper and varnished 5 times for durability. So they are low maintenance and no fuss - but, please don’t shower while wearing them :)  All are made as part of our women empowerment initiative to uplift women in poverty in Uganda.  So wear them knowing you made a difference! 

Color: Turquoise (or some people may call this blue).  Check pictures!  
There are small gold tone seed beads in between the paper beads. 

Sold individually, or as a set of 3. 

There is no closure or clasp on these, they stretch. While they stretch quite a bit, we find that they look best on wrists that measure 7.5 inches or less. 

Each bracelet is handmade of small paperbeads using recycled paper and no two bracelets are exactly alike. These bracelets are handmade by Hope and her team in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. 

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