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Kinyuma Signature Handmade Beaded Bib Style Necklace (available in 5 colors)

These funky, colorful, bold and a bit unruly necklaces are so much fun to wear. We named them Kinyuma which means "interesting" in Luganda, a local language in Uganda.
We designed these for women who like to stand out, wear something unique and fun and who doesn't mind a necklace that takes space and wants attention. Feel empowered, wear something bold and be you -it's just a necklace, so have some fun.
Select one of the following five colors: red, blue, green, purple or gray.
I get lots of compliments when wearing these and people ask me all the time where I got them. I'm proud to say they are all our own. These are bib type necklaces with 12 separate beaded strands. These are quite unusual as they are made mostly of tightly rolled and small (1.5cm) sized paper beads. They are easy to wear as they go with any neckline.
There are small gold toned push clasps on this necklace.
Lengths are about 13-14 inches. The seedbeads that form the necklace ring are gold tones on all necklaces (except for the gray which has silver-toned seed beads).  
No two necklaces are exactly the same! These are truly unique and made by our hard working artisan Maggie in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

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