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Grace Handmade Intricate Beaded Bib Design and Earrings Set (Bright Blue)

This is our Grace necklace, a beautiful, elegant signature necklace, yet a simple and easy to wear bib design made of paper beads. The beads, as part of the bib design, are linked with simple wire. There is a silver colored chain on each side of the bib design. 

This necklace is monochromatic with paper beads made in the same shape and color. These paper beads are made from thin strips of paper, rolled tightly into beads, varnished 5 times for durability and then made into a necklace. 
There is a silver tone push through clasps in the back of this necklace to make it very easy to take it on and off.
The matching earrings are very simple, small beads matching the shape and color of those used in the necklace.
Lengths are about 12 inches.
Many beautiful colors to choose from (listed separately)
These are truly elegant and made by Grace and her hardworking team in the Acholi Quarters in Kampala, Uganda. Support her and Tugende Design by making a purchase! We greatly appreciate your support.

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