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Forever Flowers - Forever Fresh Bouquet 4

The laser-cut wood flowers in our Forever Fresh bouquets are designed and handmade in Atlanta, Georgia.  A sure-to-be favorite for those who love sustainability, as the tag that comes with each "pre-packed" wood bouquet states, "No water or light needed; just happy smiles." 

Each bouquet is made with a variety of wildflower designs, including eucalyptus leaves, fern fronds, forget-me-nots, snapdragons, wild peony, cornflowers, daisies, cow parsley, campion and many more.  Each flower is hand-painted on the front side, and a beautiful light wood color on the back.  

Your Forever Fresh Bouquet is Bouquet #4.  You pick your choice of an organic-shaped vase, white crackle ceramic vase, or gold shine ceramic vase. 

Priced $28.00 for a large bouquet and $24.00 small bouquet sizes.

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