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Doreen Darling Layered Handmade Beaded Necklace in Pretty Purple

This is a darling necklace with 4 pretty layered strands of small purple paper beads.
The necklace has an unusual, layered design and small clusters of beads. And, these paper beads have been made from thin strips of paper, rolled tightly into beads and then varnished 5 times for durability before being strung into a necklace.

There are cute clustered groupings of 4 beads in the main strand before it splits into 4 separate strands. The 4 layered strands give it a really interesting and cute design. If you love purple, this pretty necklace is for you.
The purple beads are accented by gold/bronze tone seed beads.
The length of each necklace is just about 13 inches.
There is a push through clasp in the back.
No two necklaces are exactly the same! These are truly unique and made by talented Doreen in Uganda.

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