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Dino - Triceratops Watercolor Print - Dinosaur Art

Dinosaur Watercolor Print - Brachiosaurus Gift for Grandkids

Triceratops (3-horn) Dinosaur Watercolor Collection - Gift for Nephew Gift for Niece Gift for Grandkids

This is a print of a watercolor painting of Triceratops dinosaur. It is one out of a collection of four dinos, including a Tyrannosaurus rex (T-rex), Brachiosaurus (long neck) , and Velociraptor (raptor). Bright and vivid, it's a fun way to add color to any room. It makes a great gift for your niece, nephew, or grandkids!

🍑 D E T A I L S 

✭ This print is available in 11"x14", 8"x10", and 5"x7". All are standard framing sizes. 
✭ The paper is 60 lb cover.
✭ This is a print of an original watercolor painting.
✭ Frame not included. 
✭ While I do my best to photograph my paintings & prints true-to-life, colors may vary depending on screen displays. Please allow slight variation between the photographs displayed and physical products.

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