Causey Foods

Cotton Honey

100@ Pure, Raw Unfiltered Wildflower Honey harvested from Causey's hometown of Vienna GA!

Our Wildflower honey is medium-amber in color and medium-strong in taste.
The hives are located in Dooly County Georgia, specifically, Vienna GA. The bees bring in nectar from various wildflowers, including but not limited to verbena, clovers, cotton and other blooms they can find within two miles of thier hive.
Our Wildflower honey contains pollen from these plant species and others from the area as the bees move the nectar around the hive and cure it into honey.
The honey is collected directly from the hive so it has not been filtered or heated. This is to retain all of the benefits from the pollen, enzymes and antioxidants. Pure honey never spoils but the highest quality honey may crystalize over time. Upon crystallization simply place the jar in hot water and let stand to reliquefy (do not bring to a boil).

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